GVM LED - Ring Lights collection

Our GVM LED-Ring Lights collection showcases a variety of models, each meticulously designed to cater to the nuanced requirements of professional photography and videography. The GVM 600S LED Ring Light and GVM Bi-Color LED Ring Light stand out with their adjustable color temperatures and high color fidelity, ensuring natural and vibrant lighting in any environment.

The GVM LED Ring Light Soft Light 600S is particularly crafted for producing soft, uniform light, effectively reducing shadows and perfect for intricate close-up work. For those who engage in mobile photography, the GVM LED Ring Light with Phone Tripod Stand Kit offers a stable and consistent lighting solution, enhancing the quality of mobile captured images.

Diverse in their applications, the GVM-Ring18, GVM-14S, and GVM LED YR200D models are celebrated for their robust build and user-friendly design, making them a trustworthy companion for busy professionals. The GVM-Y60D 60W is a powerful contender, well-suited for larger spaces or scenarios that demand more intensive lighting.

Each light in our collection is thoughtfully engineered to elevate the quality of your professional projects, whether you're working in a studio, salon, or focusing on product photography.

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