GVM LED - Batteries

Experience unmatched compatibility with our range of Sony NP batteries, designed to seamlessly integrate with your GVM LED lights. The convenience of the battery plate V-mount transforms setup efficiency, offering you more time to focus on your art. Each 4400mAh battery is a powerhouse of energy, guaranteeing prolonged use and reliable performance. Our selection includes versatile NPF batteries and D-tap battery options, catering to diverse shooting conditions and equipment needs.

For photographers and videographers, reliability is key. Our GVM LED Batteries ensure that your lights are always ready when inspiration strikes.

Enjoy extended shooting sessions without the worry of frequent battery changes. These batteries are not just accessories; they are integral tools for achieving continuous, efficient lighting in any environment.

Elevate your photographic and videographic experiences with our GVM LED Batteries. Reliable, efficient, and designed for the professional in mind.

Browse our collection today and experience the difference in every shot.

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