Specially designed for professional videographers and photographers. Our collection features top-of-the-line panels like the GVM-50RS 50W, GVM-800D, GVM R50R288, and GVM 50SM. These panels aren't just lights; they're your creative partners in illuminating scenes and subjects with precision and ease.

With RGB panels, you have the full spectrum of colors at your fingertips, enabling limitless creative possibilities. Our RGB panel lights are known for their exceptional color accuracy, making your work stand out with true-to-life hues.

The GVM-50RS 50W shines with its robust output, perfect for intense lighting needs, while the GVM-800D is a favorite for its versatility in various shooting environments. For those who require intricate control, the GVM R50R288 and GVM 50SM panels offer refined adjustments and settings to get the exact look you need.

Choosing GVM RGB LED panels means opting for reliability and quality. These panels are crafted for professionals who demand consistency, durability, and top-notch light quality. Whether you're shooting a documentary, a portrait, or a commercial.

Ready to take your photography and videography to the next level? Explore our collection of GVM RGB LED panels.

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