Dracast Batteries And Chargers

Are the epitome of technological advancement in power solutions. Our batteries, including the sought-after "90 volt" and "pro series" models, boast long-lasting performance, ensuring uninterrupted shoots for professionals. The "gold mount battery plate" exemplifies versatility, compatible with a wide range of equipment. These batteries are not just powerful but also remarkably durable, designed to withstand the rigors of on-location work. The chargers, efficient and fast, mean less downtime and more productivity. Together, they form a reliable power duo that empowers videographers and photographers to capture their vision without constraints.

Dracast batteries offer advanced features like high-capacity cells for extended life and efficient charging cycles. Our chargers are designed for speed and safety, featuring overcharge protection and compatibility with a variety of battery types, ensuring optimal performance for every shoot.

Explore Dracast's premium collection of batteries and chargers, tailored for the discerning professional. Elevate your creative journey today.

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