Looking for high-quality camera accessories for film and video professionals, based on hands-on experience? The answer is Vocas!

Vocas was established in 1989 as a technical service company with a background in film. Vocas is highly regarded in the broadcasting- and film world as a company for developing and supporting camera technology. Vocas Systems designs and develops innovative, high-quality camera accessories for film and video professionals. 

We are striving for the best possible service and to always select the right combination of tools for the job. With our well-known matte boxes, base plates, focus controllers, shoulder supports, DSLR rigs, wooden handgrips, Sliding and Spider System and other accessories you can enhance and customize your camera equipment.

Our added value is to always think two steps ahead to invent solutions where other suppliers stop. Design? Assembly? We do this ourselves. Develop and repair products? Same story.

Vocas products are designed in Holland

All products are always made with accuracy and precision

Producing and making prototypes ourselves

All our products are entirely designed and developed in Holland, also always tested in our company itself. Selling through our worldwide distribution network in more than 60 countries, Vocas is trusted by professionals all over the world.

The material we use is machined aluminium and other high-tech materials for a 2 year warranty, so the products are up to the level of the most demanding camera man.

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