We’re filmmakers. The very first Juicebox was developed for personal use, not for sale. We use the products we design and we know they work in the field. We live and work in Portland, Oregon. We design and test our own products. We’re film gear nerds and we love what we do.

Probably the most common feedback we receive from Blackmagic Pocket and Micro camera users is, to paraphrase, “with a Juicebox battery, my camera is finally usable.” The abysmally low 15-20 minute battery life of these otherwise wonderful little cams has them relegated to the dust covered shelves and bottom-most desk drawers of many initially optimistic videographers. We understand their disappointment. The ultra lightweight design of the Blackmagic Pocket and Micro cameras, combined with these cams’ potential for exceptional image quality, left us with high hopes for a true handheld camera capable of cinema quality footage. The remarkably short battery life of these cameras, however, leaves them tethered to their wall chargers and, for many practical, handheld purposes, unusable.

Enter the Magic Power 2.0, Juicebox’s lightweight battery solution that will power these Pocket and Micro cameras for nearly eight hours on a single charge. Or, for an even longer trek, the Juicebox 95 watt hour v-mount battery (JBVB-95) will power one of these ultra small BMD cameras for 12.5 hours, potentially allowing operators a couple of days off leash of a charger or a wall to plug it into. These uncommonly thin v-mount batteries were designed to be a lightweight substitute for a traditional v-mount setup. Paired with one of Blackmagic’s Pocket or Micro cams, the Juicebox 95 watt hour v-mount battery (JBVB-95) gives users an incredibly long run time while keeping their rigs relatively lightweight.

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